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inquiry questions November 18, 2007

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These are the questions of inquiry that were identified in my planning proposal:

Inquiry questions for learning: 

  • What are blogs?
  • How can teachers use a blog as an instructional tool?
  • Can student learning be enhanced through the use of student blogs for communication, analysis and reflective learning?     
  • How do teachers create a classroom blog?
  • How do students create a blog for sharing and communicating their learning? 
  • How can student learning be assessed?

The above inquiry questions are answered in the Blogs for Learning… for Teachers support document. Three sample blogs are provided to provide representations of “how” it could look if blogs were used as an instructional tool.

Using the blog as a tool for communication, analysis and reflective learning is not just possible, it is a reality. The potential for extending the walls of the classroom and the sharing & refining of ideas and points of view are tremendous. Having students set up personal reflection blogs might be the hook you need to encourage all kids to write and reflect.

The two support documents are just what they say… support for beginning bloggers. From the comfort of home, or at school, teachers and students can access to start creating their blog for learning.

The assessment component provided a challenge. In the readings I have done, and also in the print resources, there were not very many samples of assessment to provide evidence of student learning in this area. In the blogroll (assessment), some of the links focus on the skills needed for blog creation.

In the end, I included an assessment I found online, and for the rest, I created my own assessments. I tried to balance the content & skills of blogging with the inquiry project and content understanding and synthesis that students would engage in. The student document includes reflection tools regarding the process and product.


2 Responses to “inquiry questions”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I am interested to see how this research turns out. I will share this with some of the teachers I work with who are starting to blog with their students as well.

  2. mom4 Says:

    Thanks for the comment. It has been a lot of learning for me as a teacher. I think the potential for student engagement in inquiry will offset the time commitment to monitor classroom and student blogs.

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